How durable is this raincoat and how long will it last?

Renovere raincoats are made of hi-tech micro-nylon with 600 mm PU coating and can easily last beyond eight good years, even in harsh rain environments.

What is unique to Renovere raincoats?

Renovere raincoats are beautifully handmade and 100% water resistant. You’ll find it to be very light as you wear it and when you want to put it away, it quickly rolls up so you can insert it into its carry bag. The raincoat is a long line, loose fit style that will flatter any shape.

The raincoats are same style of fabric on both sides which allows it to be reversible, providing you with the flexibility to choose a different color on each side. Also, Renovere Raincoats have a classic pattern with spacious pockets – it zips up to your chin through the front of the hood and the hood has drawstrings to make the hood fit snugly. Plus the Renovere Raincoat has a contrasting turn back collar and turn back cuffs giving it a distinct attractive style.


How long will my Monsoon Raincoat take to be shipped to me if I don’t live in New Zealand?

We provide fast delivery to anywhere in the world! Your rainwear will be sent to you via first-class Airmail the day your order is received. Average shipping time from receipt of your order is US: 5-7 days.

How many color combinations can I choose from?

You have lots of beautiful colors to choose from. We have 27 standard color combinations so choosing the raincoat that best fits your style and personality is both fun and easy.

How many styles can I choose from?

You can get the Long Monsoon Raincoat, which is a full-length coat, that goes past your knees, or you can get the Regular Monsoon Raincoat which is a shorter version, that goes down to the middle of your thigh.

I’m concerned it may not fit my shape

Your raincoat is designed to look good on you. It’s A-line style and if you have big hips this rain coat will hide them. But if you want a more customized fit, we can do that for you too at a nominal charge.

How heavy is this raincoat?

When your raincoat is rolled up in its handy carry bag, along with hood and hat, it weighs only 1 lb, 8 oz.

Will it be hard to move around in this raincoat?

Since your raincoat is made of a durable yet super lightweight fabric, you’ll find moving your arms, legs and body is easy. You’ll quickly notice it’s as if you aren’t even wearing the coat. That’s how well it compliments your body.